Indigenous Land Loss

Grade: 6th & 7th grade
Topics: Colonization, Advocacy, Human Rights, Indigenous Land Rights
Social Justice Skills: Settler colonialism, Sovereignty, Racist policy/ Institutional Racism, Marginalization
Created by: Christina Fischer and Llamylis Roman-Rivera

This “Indigenous Land Loss” unit will introduce the topic of Indigenous people to students. Students will first deconstruct popular myths surrounding Indigenous people, both in the United States, or Turtle Island, as well as in Puerto Rico (although this can be adapted to the Indigenous lands of your student population). In order to do this, students will investigate laws that oppressed Indigenous people such as the Indian Removal Act, as well as ways they have fought back against oppression as seen in the Land Back Movement. Students will also have the opportunity to find ways they can continue to educate themselves on current Indigenous issues and how to be an ally to Indigenous people.

View the PDF: Fisher & Roman-Rivera Unit Plan