Food for Thought

Grade: Algebra I (8th Grade Honors/ 9th Grade)
Topics: Food Deserts – Graphing and Solving Linear Inequalities in Two Variables
Social Justice Skills: Food Deserts, Inequalities, Healthy and Sustainable Food Sources
Created by: Chelsea M. Fonseca 

This unit will revolve around the concept of food deserts in Orange, NJ. Students will be given opportunities to analyze, graph, and solve for inequalities in two variables in the context of real world situations as well as distance and cost. Students will be using what they learn in day 1 for solving for and graphing inequalities in two variables using generic distance and cost scenarios to analyze the total cost a family of 4 on a strict budget, without a reliable means of transportation, would have to spend to ensure they can reach a reliable grocery store with fresh produce. Students will be taking on the role of an activist, using their knowledge of how to graph and solve for solutions to linear inequalities in two variables and food deserts to analyze and answer questions to help a family on a budget navigate the food desert where they live. Students will be creating an infographic using the information they gather to show the family where they can shop for fresh, healthy food, while also showing them how they can make a change in their environments by getting involved. Students will see how food deserts affect the nutrition and health of communities, the budgets of families, and the power they have to help their communities through research.

View the PDF: Food For Thought – Algebra I Graphing and Solving Linear Inequalities in Two Variables